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Welcome to Loyal Guardian, an approved fanlisting for Luka Crosszeria, from Odagiri Hotaru manga, Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru (Betrayal Knows My Name).


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Since: April 28, 2008
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26/8/2020 - These past few days was hard. I had to moved to another web host as my old ones will be closing. Starting from waiting to domain name transfer (took about 7-8 days to complete) to me forgetting how to setup Enthusiast. Yeah. That alone took me 4 days before I finally figure it out the other day, Orz. Just in case, I had it written down on what to do.

1/6/2011 - A new layout!

30/5/2011 - Moved to new URL! And new layout coming soon too...

22/6/2008 - I just noticed, that only 1 affiliates codes shows up in IE. I wonder what happened. I try on Firefox, and all of it shows. Hmmmm....

8/5/2008 - Still no new mambers, but I guess it's fine. I know this going to happen even before I apply for this FL. I mean, UraBoku can be concidered as new manga (despite having 3 volumes of tokuban & 21 chapter released on ASUKA). And a lot of people never heard about this series, especially when there's only 3 chapter scanlated (I'm 100% sure they won't continue with it anymore) and there's the fact that it hasn't been licenced yet. But believe me, it's a great manga. Good plot, wonderful character and beautiful art by Odagiri Hotaru, the one who draws illustrations for Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru (Only the Ring Finger Knows)! Anyways, I had faith that this series will become bigger. So, even if I'm the only member for next few years, I'm not giving up!

28/4/2008 - Approved! and going online!

24/4/2008 - Finish the layout ;p

23/4/2008 - Applying for Luka fanlisting. Hopefully I got this one!

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