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It's actually a temporary layout. Since I'm using someone else original idea (of course I credit her.), I don't feel really good about it. So, I start building my own layout. ^_^ I really love the image used in this layout. That's where I got "Mata Aeru Yo Ne?" name.

From 10/6/2004 - 31/7/2004


My second layout. I love it!!!! It's the first time I worked so hard extracting the image and made a background for it!! (Not that I'm not used to it. I made a lot of desktop wallpaper before...)Notice the 'leftover' next to the image? It's actually for body scroll-bar. I didn't know that I can disable them... Thus, when I realize I can... I made a change on my layout. A lot of it... And... it's a ver.2.1!!!

From 1/8/2004-10/8/2004


An 'upgrade' version of ver.2. I even love this one than the original one! I change the background... no... to be more accurate, I 'stole' it from my Echizen Nanjirou (Prince of Tennis) wallpaper. It's more brighter, and I even made a 'space' on top and bottom of it. At first I leave it blank.... but, then I think it'll be much better if I placed an affiliates on the bottom part. And.... BAM! It turned out VERY nicely. ^_^ I must say that it's my best one! But, since I made many change in progressed... I'm too lazy to change the version to Ver.2.1.1 or something. Let's... stick with 2.1.

From 11/8/2004 - 22/9/2004


My most favorite layout so far!!! I love the color, image.... and everything!!!! Too bad I only used it for a short time. Well, not really.. But I only managed to update only a few times. *sigh* I missed this layout...

From 23/9/2004 - 24/12/2004


Another short-live layout. Honestly, I don't like it very much... That's why when I found a new image of Kira & Cagalli, I've decided to swap. Nothing special with this layout. Really..

From 25/12/2004-17/1/2005


The first DIV-Layout I've made for Mata Aeru Yo Ne? I really love it. And I really-really love the images. I used the screencap from Phase 14 of SEED Destiny. But it's too simple... after some time....(not really...) I've decided to upgrade it. Plus, I really hate it when they (the fans) link it straight to my main.html (in this layout it was runaway_bride.html) instead of index.html

From 18/1/2005-24/3/2005


I love this layout. It's an upgrade version of 5.0. I made it coz I was angry that some of the members link it straight to my main.html instead of index.html. I didn't think it'll turned out pretty well...

From 25/3/2005-8/4/2005


This is the best layout I've made for MAYN. I love the color, the image used... I even took times to vector the image coz... well, it's full of words! I don't wanna change it.... but... I've been using this layout for... 5 month?? Wow... it's the longest one I've used! Anyway, sayonara..... ;_; my favorite layout!

From 8/4/2005-19/8/2005


Actually, there's not much different from the current one. The only different is Ver.7.0 used DIV, and Ver.7.1 used Tables. The reason I change them to tables instead is, I wanna try tables layout AND I want to put up the credit below. It's annoying using DIV, so.. I change them to tables! Thus, marking Ver.7.1 as my first Tables Layout!!!

From 19/8/2005-13/1/2006


Only used it for a while. I've made a new layout! Woohoo!! Nothing much to say... but, I miss this layout! *sobs*



So very purple!! Honestly, I kinda like this one.. even though the color purple is a little.. bright. Nyahahaha!! Uhh.. this is the longest layout I used! Unbelieveable!

From 15/1/2006-27/7/2006


No comment.... But the truth is, I HATE this layout!

From 27/7/2006-6/12/2006


Sparkly layout. Love the image used so much... and I kinda like the effect too. Oh not to mention the color scheme is actually my favorite color >.<

From 6/12/2006-23/4/2008