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Welcome to Mata Aeru Yo Ne?, the TAFL approved fanlisting for Kira Yamato & Cagalli Yula Athha from anime/manga series Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED and Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny.


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26/8/2020 - These past few days was hard. I had to moved to another web host as my old ones will be closing. Starting from waiting to domain name transfer (took about 7-8 days to complete) to me forgetting how to setup Enthusiast. Yeah. That alone took me 4 days before I finally figure it out the other day, Orz. Just in case, I had it written down on what to do.

4/4/2011 - I missed saving the 250 codes by TAFL, so I made one myself. Hope that was allowed.

23/4/2008 - Well, well.. what do we have here... a new layout! It's green.. I love it! And, this is actually my layout #11 for Mata Aeru Yo ne?

6/2/2007 - A new home for all my fanlisting! Thanks Kellie from for hosting me!

6/12/2006 - Made a new layout! The image is from 2007 Calendar!

29/7/2006 - I added the affiliates with Enthusiast, so if you received the e-mail from me, just ignore it. And I apologize for the members who received a notification e-mail TWICED from me. I didn't realize I can send to all instead one by one!

Umm... one more thing.. I found out that nearly HALF of the member e-mail is bouncing back at me! PLEASE UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION! It wasn't that hard..

27/7/2006 - Moving to my own domain!! I add the members manually.. since converting is not working..

18/7/2006 - Umm.. I'll be away for a few days. Since I can't use internet, I'll add the pending members once I get back on 22nd or 23rd July!

14/7/2006 - Add more affilites run by Tara from!

29/6/2006 - Made a new layout!! WooHoo!!!! I love this one!!!

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